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The Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) is a clinically-led organisation that strives for clinical excellence in everything we do, from the treatments we offer to our research activities. We are proud to be known for our many innovations and specialised care, and we appreciate that this has only been achieved by our commitment to attracting and retaining outstanding clinical staff. In return for their remarkable contribution to our work, we offer our clinical recruits attractive packages of benefits and put significant resources into safeguarding the physical and mental health, safety and welfare of everyone that works with us.

High quality patient care is at the heart of everything we do.

High quality patient care is at the heart of everything we do, centrally in our hospitals and locally where we provide services close to patients’ homes. We need caring, compassionate and committed staff, doing their best for patients every day. Clinical excellence is the main motivation for all our aims and activities. We intend to offer the latest, proven best treatments. Our hospitals are active in research. We want our Foundation Trust to attract and retain outstanding clinical and support staff so that we can continue to provide excellent care to our patients.

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“My manager is very proactive with our training and encourages our development and learning.”
“I love talking to patients, I could talk for days – I always get called a chatter box! When a patient is worried or anxious, I try to help and calm them down by talking to them. I’m currently training someone, which I never thought I would do. I love it because it means my team trust me to share my wisdom with someone new!”
“I have been here for twelve years and I particularly like the supportive environment - there is always someone to ask and someone to talk to.”
“I was attracted to the area because of what I heard about the surroundings and how close to London you are. I took the opportunity to move away from home, broaden my horizons and progress my career.”
“The hospital accommodation at Basingstoke is a couple of minutes walk from the hospital. Things like broadband, electricity and water are all included in the rent and there is a laundry – you don’t have to worry about anything and the staff are really helpful.”
“We’ve got a good reputation, we give good quality care and we work as a team.”
“We are dynamic and we want to lead from the front. You learn a lot when you are here. It’s first class.”

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