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What is an apprenticeship? At Hampshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust we offer a variety of clinical and non-clinical apprenticeships for existing staff. We also recruit Health Care Support Workers directly to the Trust.

Other Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships available at Hampshire Hospitals range from Level 2, which is equivalent to GCSEs, to Level 6 (degree) and Level 7 (masters).

They can take anywhere from one to four years to complete, depending on the level and include 20 per cent off the job training, which can include shadowing, study time, research and mentoring.

As well as our in-house programmes and Nursing apprenticeships, there are apprenticeship opportunities in a host of clinical areas, including...

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The Registered Nursing Degree Apprenticeship in Adult and Child Nursing.

We are committed to developing the skills and knowledge of healthcare support workers.

Our healthcare support workers are now able to access training to become a registered nurse via an apprenticeship programme. The Registered Nursing Degree Apprenticeship (RNDA) programme in Adult and Child Nursing is currently provided in partnership with BPP University.

The BPP’s RNDA...

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Healthcare Support

We recruit Healthcare Support Workers directly to apprenticeship posts.

Our in-house Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeships provide the knowledge, skills and behaviours to exceed at this important job role and also provide an exciting pathway to further career opportunities, such as nurse associate or nursing. The 18 month Level 3 apprenticeship includes a Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support. A 15 month Level 2 apprenticeship is also available for staff who don’t feel...

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Business & Management

We currently offer the level 2 Customer Service Practitioner, this 15 month programme is aimed at anyone in a patient or customer facing role wishing to gain the skills, knowledge and behavioral competences required to deliver high quality service to the customers of our organisation. This apprenticeship would be ideal for the following roles: porter, domestic, admin support, security, and anyone new to the NHS working in an entry level position.

The level 3 Business Administrator...

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Meet our apprentices

Our values

Compassion, caring about our patients and our staff

Accountable and responsible, always improving

Respect for all colleagues, patients and their families

Encouraging and challenging each other to always do our best

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