Work experience

with Hampshire Hospitals

Shape your future career ideas and gain invaluable experience of a work environment.

Onsite work experience for students in Schools and Colleges within our catchment area will reopen from September 2022. Applications must be made through your school or college and places are limited. We are continuing with our online learning programme until February 2023. This is now accessible 24/7. The programme is interactive and features live webinars with NHS professionals, virtual reality tours of various clinical departments, modules on nursing, AHPs, a variety of non-clinical roles as well as a module specific to careers in medicine.

How can I apply?

The map shows our catchment area. Requests for work experience must come via your School or College and due to the high demand for places within our trust, we will only give placements to students within our catchment area. We do not reply to direct requests from students. All requests for work experience must be submitted by a student’s School/College by the end of November of each academic year.

Our values

Compassion, caring about our patients and our staff

Accountable and responsible, always improving

Respect for all colleagues, patients and their families

Encouraging and challenging each other to always do our best

Work experience requests must be submitted by a student’s school/college by the end of November each year. Email us here.