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Preceptorship is a period to support those newly qualified to make the transition from student to develop their practice further.

The Trust provides a 12 month programme tailored to all staff who are new registrants, known as preceptees. Any registered practitioner who has successfully completed a return to practice programme will also be invited to be included as part of their development pathway. Preceptees include nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, radiographers, pharmacists, ODPs and OTs.

Why do we need a Preceptorship programme?

It provides a structured transition from student to registrant, allowing preceptees to consolidate their skills and knowledge, and develop new skills as required by their job descriptions, department needs as well as those defined by governing bodies such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council and Health and Care Professions Council. The development outcomes are also used to support the appraisal process.

The programme aims to continue the lifelong learning process from the point of...

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How is the programme delivered?

The programme is structured in theme days to ensure content is linked in terms of relevance. The overarching themes are knowledge and skills acquisition delivered in a variety of blended learning styles, enabling attendees to gain knowledge and skills via simulation, taught sessions, group work, e-learning, team building exercises, reflection and critical thinking to ensure development is tailored to all learning abilities.

The programme is delivered by department leads who are...

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Who will support the preceptee?

Preceptees are provided with a preceptor or a buddy, a peer who is likely to have mentorship experience.

They are also responsible for signposting ways to achieve targets by facilitating regular reviews, ensuring preceptees are working within their defined role and are therefore fit for purpose.

Preceptors can attend a Trust half day preceptorship workshop to ensure they understand and are prepared for the role.

Line managers are responsible for releasing...

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