Learners in practice

with Hampshire Hospitals

Information to help and support you during your practice placement.

The Learning Environment Team facilitates the placements of non-medical health care learners (students and trainees) who have practice placements at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We support a large number of learners across the organisation's three hospitals including learners from a wide range of health care disciplines such as Allied Health Professionals, Clinical Psychology, Healthcare Science, Nursing and Midwifery, Operating Department Practitioner, Paramedic Science students, Pharmacy and Radiology. We are also the link between clinical practice and the academic institutions.

Learners are important members of our teams

We welcome your contribution in helping to deliver high standards of clinical care to our service users. We value the fact that our service users contribute to the development of health care staff for the future of agreeing to learners / students being involved in their care delivery. Whilst our staff will introduce you to service users as a 'student' we would expect you to do likewise when meeting service users for the first time. 

Placement Profiles

Accessing our Placement Profiles will help you to find out more about the area that you have been allocated to and learning opportunities available. They may also highlight the policies that apply to you whilst on placement. If we can give you any support or assistance with your placements, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team.

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Our values

Compassion, caring about our patients and our staff

Accountable and responsible, always improving

Respect for all colleagues, patients and their families

Encouraging and challenging each other to always do our best

If yu need any support or assistance with your placements, you can contact us here.