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We prioritise delivering an inclusive and exceptional resourcing experience for both candidates and managers. We work hand in hand with stakeholders to attract talent that provides outstanding care. Discover more about your Resourcing Team, including their roles and contributions at HHFT.

HR Reception

Whether your inquiry relates to Recruitment or Employment Relations, our HR Reception Department extends a warm welcome. We are dedicated to promptly addressing all queries and serve as the primary point of contact for visitors to the HR offices at Basingstoke. On a daily basis, this role addresses general inquiries via telephone, email, or in-person, and also completes requests for name badges while conducting ID checks as part of our pre-employment procedures.

The Recruitment Team is available via calls/emails/MS Teams from Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) between 8am to 5pm to discuss any recruitment queries.

For queries outside these times, please email the general inbox below:


01256 313957 ext. 43957

Our Receptionists can issue ID badges to staff members (walk ins welcome, no appointments required) from Monday to Friday (except bank Holidays) between 9am to 4.30pm.

Identity checks for candidates are available from Monday to Friday (except bank Holidays) between 9am to 4.30pm and must be booked via Trac.

Resourcing Officers

Our Resourcing Officers are dedicated to providing candidates and line managers with an efficient and customer-focused recruitment experience. They assist both internal and external customers throughout the onboarding process and guide our teams through the online application procedures. Ensuring communication is a top priority, keeping advertisements relevant and up-to-date, the Resourcing Officers collaborate seamlessly across their respective divisions.

Resourcing Co-ordinators

Our Coordinators play a crucial role in supporting candidates throughout the onboarding journey by prioritizing effective communication and overseeing all pre-employment checks. They meticulously administer these checks and procedures, ensuring compliance with NHS Employment Checks Standards and Trust Policy. The Coordinators hold a key responsibility in contributing to the overall resourcing process, ensuring that we provide inclusive onboarding experiences.

Medical Resourcing Team

The Medical Resourcing Team (MRT) covers all three sites but is located in the HR department in the Sherbourne building at Basingstoke Hospital. The team is responsible for the recruitment of Consultants, Specialty and Specialist doctors, Trust Doctors, Bank Doctors and Medical staff Honorary and Clinical Attachments. We want to ensure your recruitment and onboarding experience at HHFT runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. We provide an expert recruitment advisory and administration service and should be your first point of contact for all the recruitment related enquiries. 

How to contact us

Kylie Canning – Associate Director Resourcing & Temporary Staffing
01256 852642 (extension 42462) or 07584 270328

Emma Alexander – Resourcing Manager

Lisa Grenville-Wood – Resourcing Team Leader
01256 313672 (extension 43672)

Medicine Division

Victoria Howley – Resourcing Officer
01256 313385 (extension 43385)

Liam Casey - Resourcing Coordinator
01256 262236 (extension 42236)

FCSS Division & Private Patients Clinic

Alison McClure – Recruitment Officer
01256 312798 (extension 42798)

Hawa Cisse – Resourcing Coordinator
01256 319899 (extension 42138)

Surgery Division

Michelle Kerschoff – Resourcing Officer
01256 312234 (extension 42234)

Natalie Arnold - Resourcing Coordinator
01256 223635 (extensions 42235)

Corporate Division

Laura Kerslake – Resourcing Officer
01256 486779 (extension 46779)

Sharon Jenkinson – Resourcing Coordinator
01256 262093 (extension 42236)

International Resourcing

Nicola Lappin – International Recruitment Lead (Nursing)
01256 314769 (extension. 44769)

Ashish Mathew – Recruitment Officer,
01256 852811 (extension 42811)

Agnetha Coelho – Recruitment Officer
01256 262198 (extension 42198)

Medical Resourcing

Savitha Sheshappanavar – Medical Workforce Manager

Donna Stokes – Medical Resourcing Advisor
01256 313962 (extension 43962)

Leyla Oukassou – Medical Resourcing Officer
01256 313046 (extensions 43046)

Jessica Datt – Medical Resourcing Coordinator
07880 262101)

HR Reception

01256 313957 (extension 43957)

“My manager is very proactive with our training and encourages our development and learning.”
“I love talking to patients, I could talk for days – I always get called a chatter box! When a patient is worried or anxious, I try to help and calm them down by talking to them. I’m currently training someone, which I never thought I would do. I love it because it means my team trust me to share my wisdom with someone new!”
“I have been here for twelve years and I particularly like the supportive environment - there is always someone to ask and someone to talk to.”
“I was attracted to the area because of what I heard about the surroundings and how close to London you are. I took the opportunity to move away from home, broaden my horizons and progress my career.”
“The hospital accommodation at Basingstoke is a couple of minutes walk from the hospital. Things like broadband, electricity and water are all included in the rent and there is a laundry – you don’t have to worry about anything and the staff are really helpful.”
“We’ve got a good reputation, we give good quality care and we work as a team.”
“We are dynamic and we want to lead from the front. You learn a lot when you are here. It’s first class.”

Our values

Compassion, caring about our patients and our staff

Accountable and responsible, always improving

Respect for all colleagues, patients and their families

Encouraging and challenging each other to always do our best